Person Roles

A Person can have various Relationships with Entities, Places, and even other Relationships.

Person Relationships are different from the Relationships discussed thus far in that they tend to exist as Simple Relationships or “Roles” where acknowledging that the Relationship exists is sufficient for understanding it.

There are many different kinds of Person Relationships possible and many of the possible Relationships are ad hoc and specific to a given company’s business practices. Given the multiplicity of Roles that can exist, we’ll not try to list the various typical Person Roles, but rather provide some examples to firm the conceptual understanding of Person Roles.

  • For Places, Person Roles might include “Facility Manager”, “Maintenance Manager”, or “Shipping Manager”.

  • For Entities, Person Roles may include “CEO”, “Reception”.

  • For Sales Relationships, Person Roles may include “Purchasing Manager”, “Buyer”, “Support”

Clearly most of these Roles are simply clarifying which Person to contact in specific scenarios which is why these Relationships can be expressed as simple Roles. The Entity/Entity Relationships and the Entity/Place Relationships provide the rich context required for understanding the defined Person Roles.

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